Travel from Phuket to Krabi Airport

The easiest way to travel from Phuket to Krabi Airport is to book a direct minibus service. The alternative is to take a taxi or to take a bus to Krabi Town and then a taxi to Krabi Airport.

Bus Times from Phuket to Krabi Airport

There is currently 1 direct service a day from Phuket to Krabi Airport available to book online.

PhuketKrabi AirportTicketCompany
11:0015:00฿ 360Good Luck Lanta Tour
  • The journey from Phuket to Krabi Airport is scheduled to take 4 hours 00 minutes.

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  • Pets are not carried on this service.
Bus services to Krabi Airport depart from Phuket Bus Terminal 1
Bus services to Krabi Airport depart from Phuket Bus Terminal 1

About Travel to Krabi Airport

The departure point for Good Luck Lanta Tour services to Krabi Airport, Phuket Bus Terminal 1, is located in the centre of Phuket Town. Phuket Bus Terminal 1 is primarily a local bus terminal so it’s easy and cheap to get there from popular coastal resort towns in the South of Phuket. Shared taxi and minivan services operate between Phuket Bus Terminal 1 and towns such as Patong, and they cost a lot less than a taxi in Phuket. Taxis in Phuket rarely use the meter and charge fixed prices which are generally more expensive than anyhwere else in Thailand.

Location of Phuket Bus Terminal 1

Google Map of Phuket Bus Terminal 1

The alternative way to travel from Phuket to Krabi Airport is to take a public bus from Phuket Bus Terminal 2 to Krabi Bus Terminal. This option takes longer and is more expensive than simply travelling direct from Phuket Bus Terminal 1 to Krabi Airport with Good Luck Lanta Tour. The reason that it’s more expensive and takes longer is that Phuket Bus Terminal 2 is located out of town, more than 4 km by road to North of Phuket Town. Moreover, at the other end of the journey you will incur further travel costs as Krabi Bus Terminal is located 9.6 km by road from Krabi Airport. A taxi from Krabi Bus Terminal to Krabi Airport generally costs around 500 THB.

Location of Krabi International Airport:

Google Map of Krabi International Airport

By road the distance from Phuket Bus Terminal 1 to Krabi Airport is 171 km, which would take 3 hours if you did the journey non-stop and kept to all the speed limits. The Good Luck Lanta Tour service is scheduled to complete the journey in 3 hours 40 minutes which allows for passengers to stop for a comfor break on route and for some pick ups and drop offs on the way.

Good Luck Lanta Tour uses a short bus, rather than a minivan, on the Phuket to Krabi Airport route. The bus has a fairly wide aisle separating a row of two seats on one side and a single seat on the other. This type of small bus is much more comfortable than a minivan, however, bear in mind it has no toilet on board or wifi connection. Good Luck Lanta Tour offers a budget service which is fast and reliable, but not luxurious.

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