Tammalang Pier, Satun

Arrival at Tammalang Pier
Arrival at Tammalang Pier

Tammalang Pier is a small pier in the South of Thailand that serves a single destination: Langkawi. You can also travel to Langkawi from Pakbara Pier (also in Satun Province) or via Koh Lipe but the ferries from Tammalang Pier to Langkawi are a lot cheaper.

About Tammalang Pier

Tammalang Pier has a long history. The pier was once a major international port for the transport of cargo to and from Malaysia and the island of Sumatra.

History of Tammalang Pier

The name Tammalang is derived from the Malay words ‘tamma’ which means to tie something and ‘lang’ which means means sea eagle. A traditional fishing practice in the Malay peninsula was fishing using using sea eagles and when the fisherman came ashore they would tie their eagles to the jetty. Very few international cargo ships use now Tammalang and you won’t see any sea eagles tied up on the jetty.

Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

The other interesting thing about Tammalang Pier is that it is located in an area of outstanding natural beauty. The area around the pier is largely mangrove forest part of which is protected by law and the other part managed by the local communities who use the waterways to farm oysters, crabs and shrimps. If you have time consider visiting the nearby village of Ban Bakan Khoei which offers home stays in their village located in the mangrove forest and tours around the seafood farms and other local attractions (call the Village Headman Idris Usen on 081 748 9596 to book).

Tammalang Pier in Satun
Tammalang Pier in Satun

Facilities at Tammalang Pier

In modern times Tammalung Pier has been transformed into a functional passenger terminal with the majority of the people passing through onto their to work in Thailand or Langkawi or returning home to see their families. Not many tourists pass through Tammalung Pier and the services and the information at the pier reflect this. There are toilets, a small shop, an inexpensive restaurant and some tour agencies selling overpriced taxi services and tours.

Facilities at Tammalang Pier
Facilities at Tammalang Pier

Ferries from Satun to Langkawi

There are two ferry services a day from Tammalang Pier to Langkawi operated by the Langkawi Ferry Services. Tickets need to be purchased at the ferry pier.

  • Cost per person: Adult 350 THB / Child 280 THB
  • Departure times: 10:00, 16:30
  • Journey Time: 1 hour 15 minutes
Ticket office at Tammalang Pier
Ticket office at Tammalang Pier

Local Transport at Tammalang Pier

Tammalang Pier is located in a remote part of Thailand, 113 km from Hat Yai, and relatively few foreign visitors use Tammalang Pier because it is not obvious how to get there using public transport. Actually it’s easy to travel by public transport to and from Tammalang Pier.

Shared Taxis and Motorbike Taxis

Shared taxi and motorbike taxis to Satun town depart from outside from the front of the terminal building.

  • Thammalang Pier to Satun Bus Station:
      • Shared taxi – 40 THB
      • Motorbike Taxi – 60 THB
Satun Bus Station

If you travelling to or from Tammalung Pier you need to travel via Satun Bus Station, which is about 10 minutes away by car. From Satun Bus Station there are frequent minivan services to Hat Yai Bus Station which is major bus station with direct services to lots of destinations including Bangkok, Koh Samui, Koh Phangan and Phuket.

  • Satun Bus Station to Hat Yai Bus Station:
      • Minivan – 50 THB

Location of Tammalang Pier

  • Tammalang Pier is located 8.8 km from Satun Bus Station.

Google Map of Tammalang Pier

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