Sawasdee Restaurant

Sawasdee Restaurant

Sawasdee Restaurant is on the first floor of Surat Thani International Airport. As regional Thai airport restaurants go, this one isn’t bad and it is fairly well used.

It is also quite cheap. The noodle soup in the picture cost 80 THB and the ‘American’ sandwich was 120 THB.

American Sandwich

noodle soup with vegetables

The menu, in English and Thai, has a reasonable range of Thai and international dishes as well as drinks including beer and Thai wine spritzer. At the counter there is a range of pre-cooked Thai dishes similar to what you will find in a Thai market, and a small selection of pre-cooked dim sum.

The restaurant itself is clean and there is lots of seating. There is a view over the runway as well where you can watch the planes land and take off. It is a good place to go and sit if you have a few hours to wait for your flight.

Top Tip: If you sit at the back of the restaurant near the windows there are power sockets where you can charge your telephone or lap top if you have a two prong adapter. The waitresses don’t seem to mind you doing this.

Sawasdee Restaurant inside

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