Krabi Night Market

Krabi Town in Thailand has several different night markets. This night market only sells food and is located in a picturesque riverside location.

About Krabi Night Market

Krabi Night Market is located between the main road and Chao Fah Park in the centre of Krabi Town. The market opens from 17:30 when vendors start arriving with mobile food stalls and plastic tables and chairs are set out for use by customers. The market only starts to get really busy after 18:30 with a healthy mix of tourists and locals in attendance.

Seating at Krabi Night Market
Seating at Krabi Night Market

This is a popular place for people to spend the evening partly because of the food on offer, along with alcoholic drinks, and partly because of the scenic location with cooling riverside breezes. Chao Fah Park is a place of great natural beauty with brilliant views along the river and across to mangrove forests on the other bank. To add to the charm a lots of wooden boats dock here. Lots of people come to Chao Fah Park at sunset for the views before moving onto the night market to eat.

Food at Krabi Night Market

There is a real variety of foods on offer at Krabi Night Market at generally very inexpensive prices. The cheapest items on sale are meats and seafood cooked on wooden skewers for 5 to 10 THB a piece. Going up the next step in price are the standard Thai dishes you will find in most basic restaurants and also being cooked in people’s homes. We particularly recommend eating massaman curry at this market, which with rice costs around 70 THB a serving. Massaman curry is a Southern Thai dish associated with Muslim people and in Krabi they have their own style of this dish which is very good.

Fish stall at Krabi Night Market
Fish stall at Krabi Night Market

The most expensive dishes on sale at Krabi Night Market are the fresh seafood dishes. Stalls sell fish, crabs and prawns by weight, which can be cooked in a variety of different ways. Expect to pay 200 to 400 baht for a whole fish or a decent serving of prawns. Beer, however, is cheap everywhere in this market with a large Leo beer costing 70 THB a bottle. This is cheaper than a formal restaurant and only slightly more expensive than buying it at one of the nearby convenience stores.

Location of Krabi Night Market

  • Krabi Night Market is 13.6 km by road from Krabi Airport

Google Map of Krabi Night Market

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