Koh Lipe to Hat Yai Airport (April 2024)

Bus and Ferry Times

The easiest way to travel from Koh Lipe to Hat Yai Airport is to take a joint speed boat and minivan transfer directly from the beach in Koh Lipe to the terminal building at Hat Yai International Airport. There is no saving in time or money by choosing to book your speed boat and minivan tickets separately.

Departure times from Koh Lipe to Hat Yai Airport

There are currently 28 services a day from Koh Lipe to Hat Yai International Airport available to book online.

Koh LipeHat Yai AirportTicketCompany
09:3013:30฿ 750Taweesub Speedboat
09:3013:30฿ 800Jolly Travel
09:3013:30฿ 800Dee Travels Hatyai
09:3013:30฿ 800Ploysiam Speedboat
09:3013:30฿ 800Baan Pun Travel
09:3013:15฿ 830Hi Lipe
09:3013:00฿ 850Lipe ferry and speed boat
09:3013:30฿ 860Thubthim Siam Travel
09:3014:00฿ 1,000Smart En Plus
09:3013:00฿ 700Andaman Sea Tour and Transport
09:3013:00฿ 750S.P.S.B.C
11:1015:00฿ 800Lipe ferry and speed boat
11:3015:30฿ 750Taweesub Speedboat
11:3015:30฿ 800Jolly Travel
11:3015:30฿ 800Dee Travels Hatyai
11:3015:30฿ 800Ploysiam Speedboat
11:3015:30฿ 800Baan Pun Travel
11:3015:15฿ 830Hi Lipe
11:3015:30฿ 850Lipe ferry and speed boat
11:3015:30฿ 860Thubthim Siam Travel
11:3015:30฿ 1,000Smart En Plus
11:3015:30฿ 700Andaman Sea Tour and Transport
11:3015:00฿ 750S.P.S.B.C
13:3017:30฿ 750Taweesub Speedboat
13:3017:30฿ 800Dee Travels Hatyai
13:3017:30฿ 800Ploysiam Speedboat
13:3017:15฿ 830Hi Lipe
13:3017:30฿ 900Lipe ferry and speed boat
  • The journey from Koh Lipe to Hat Yai Airport takes from 3 hours 30 minutes to 4 hours 00 minutes depending upon which service you use.

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  • Please note that you will need to check in 30 to 60 minutes before the scheduled departure time.
Speedboat transfer from Koh Lipe to Hat Yai Airport
Speedboat transfer from Koh Lipe to Hat Yai Airport

About travel to Hat Yai Airport

The different service providers have different meeting points on Pattaya Beach in Koh Lipe for services to Hat Yai Airport.

  • Sukhothai Tour Hat Yai: The meeting point is in front of Varin Resort on Pattaya Beach.
  • Smart En Plus: The meeting point at the SIRI BARA Counter on Pattaya Beach.
  • Tigerline Travel: The meeting point is in front of Moonlight Bungalow on Pattaya Beach.
  • S.P.S.B.C (Satun Pakbara Speedboat Club): The meeting point is in front of Bu-Nga Resort on Pattaya Beach.

Location of Pattaya Beach on Koh Lipe:

Google Map of Koh Lipe Pattaya Beach

From Pattaya Beach passengers with all transport operators take a local wooden longtail boat to a floating pontoon to transfer to another boat for the sea crossing to Pak Bara Pier on the mainland. Tigerline Travel passenger make the sea crossing in a fast ferry, all other transport operators use large speedboats to transfer passengers to the mainland. Be prepared to be asked to pay an additional 50 THB to the local boatman and then 20 THB as a fee to use Pak Bara Pier.

Location of Pak Bara Pier:

Google Map of Pak Bara Pier

From Pak Bara Pier passengers with all transport operators travel by road 117 km to Hat Yai Airport.

Location of Hat Yai International Airport:

Google Map of Hat Yai International Airport

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