Surat Thani City to Surat Thani Airport

Taxi van in Surat Thani
Taxi van in Surat Thani

There are three ways to get from Surat Thani City to Surat Thani Airport, which is a journey of 27.4 km. Your alternatives are to (1) take a public minivan from the city centre to the airport which costs 140 THB per person and takes 50 minutes or (2) take a taxi which will cost 500 to 700 THB and reach the airport in around 33 minutes. For a family of four it may be cheaper to take a taxi, for people travelling alone or couples, then the bus is a better option. The third option (3) is to hire a minivan which can transport up to 9 people for a fixed cost of 1,100 THB booked online. A chartered minivan can take you direct from your hotel to the airport in about 45 minutes.

Minivan Times from Surat Thani City to Surat Thani Airport

  • Bus services depart from the Phantip Travel Office in the centre of Surat Thani City.
Surat Thani Night Market

Buy Tickets from Surat Thani City to Surat Thani Airport

Tickets for the minivan service from the centre of Surat Thani City to Surat Thani Airport can be booked online using the Search Box below.

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Option 1: Minivan from Surat Thani City to Surat Thani Airport

Minivan is the cheapest way to travel from Surat Thani city centre to Surat Thani. There are 13 departures a day from 06.00 to 19.00 operated by the reliable Phantip Travel Company:

  • Cost: 140 THB per person
  • Journey Time: 50 minutes
  • Departure Point: Talad Kaset 1 Bus Station near the Phantip Travel Office, 293/6-8 Talad Mai Rd, Tambon Talat, Amphoe Mueang Surat Thani, Chang Wat Surat Thani 84000

Google Map of Phantip Travel Office

Option 2: Taxi from Surat Thani City to Surat Thani Airport

The most common type of taxi in Surat Thani city is a small blue coloured van with 2 row of seats in the back. They can comfortably hold 6 people or 4 people with large luggage. The price is negotiable. These blue taxi vans tend to wait or drive around busy areas such as near the Talad Kaset 1 Bus station on the Talad Mai Road or near to the out of town shopping centres. If you need to book for the next day taxi try asking at your hotel or approaching a taxi driver the day before and arranging a pick up at your hotel.

  • Cost: 500 to 700 THB (price to be negotiated)
  • Journey Time: 33 minutes
  • Departure Point: Arrange a pick up at your hotel or flag a taxi down near the bus station on the Talad Mai Road or near one of the out of town shopping malls.

Option 3: Charter a Minivan from Surat Thani City to Surat Thani Airport

If you are travelling in a large group (6 or more people) or you are a family with lots of luggage and small children consider booking a minivan to take you to the airport. The 1,100 THB fee will, for some travellers, be good value for money saving the effort involved in getting from their hotel to the private bus stop and working at a reasonable cost compared to the purchase of individual ticket for each person on the bus. The minivan charter service is operated by the Phantip Travel Company (the same company which runs the private minivan to the airport) and can be booked online in advance using the Search Box above.

  • Cost: 1,100 THB (fixed online price)
  • Journey Time: 45 minutes
  • Departure Point: They will pick you at your hotel at a time of your choosing.

Recommended Hotel in Surat Thani

If you need a hotel in Surat Thani before you catch your flight then read our review of the Diamond Plaza Hotel which is the best hotel in Surat Thani and still reasonably priced.

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